US Lotteries and Gambling Results

US Powerball

Lottery is a perfect example of a game of chance and there are different types of lotteries nowadays. However, sports lottery is fast becoming the most popular. One of the major reasons is the fact that sporting events are live events.

We will be discussing sports lottery and gambling results. This is because the latter makes it clear whether people won or lost. The results to these lotteries do not just appear from nowhere so people can access them. They are carefully collated and published. Read on to find out how Uklotteryresults gathers and publishes results on the various aspects of gambling.

US Lottery Results

US Mega Millions

Lottery is a very popular gambling medium in the US as you can find lotteries that will legalize your stay in this country. Besides the US Visa lottery, there are many other forms of lotteries. At some point, lotteries were a government operated program.

There is a belief that lotteries are fake or tweaked to keep the flow of money in one direction. This is far from the truth as the results of lotteries are purely up to chance. We bring the results for you and everyone to see if it’s your lucky day. In fact, we cover the Powerball, Mega Millions, Lucky for Life, Lotto America, Cash4Life, 2by2 and the Tri-State Lottery. We pool results of the various lotteries and make them available to you. We also cover the various states that engage in lotteries and outline the type of lotteries they engage in.

NFL Results


Bookmakers in the US have to gather accurate information about the various sporting events they cover and provide them to their players. This process has to be transparent because the players can also get access to these results themselves. Football is to America as Soccer is to Europe. It will only be right to give people the opportunity to get rewards for their passion. In lieu of that, we provide Americans with multiple betting options.

We will cover the four different divisions of the NFL and give you the opportunity to wager on your favorite team. We also cover the AFC and NFC, virtually every possible market. Touchdowns home runs and other aspects of the game play. This is besides the fact that you can also bet on the final outcomes of the games as well as the league itself.

Finally, we provide you with the results of all the markets we make available for you to bet on. This way, you know whether your predictions were correct or not.

Soccer Results

US Soccer

British or European football or soccer is said to be the most popular sport in the world. The English Premier League club alone has millions of fans. It would be a crime not to give people the opportunity to wager on the outcomes of clubs.

The English Premier League is not the only one in Europe or the world. Therefore, it is not the only league that has our coverage. We also cover the championship, Serie A, Seria B, La Liga, Segunda Liga, Bundesliga, Eredsive League, other major leagues as well as non-European leagues. We give you results of soccer games in the Liga MX, Brazilian League, Australian League and other minor leagues.

You get live and real-time updates of the goals, penalties, injuries, cards and scores as they come. We also cover player actions so that you can also verify the results and know if wager on a player was successful.

NBA Results

American football is not the only sports that you can call the favorite of the American people. Basketball is another household favorite. This is why we give fans the opportunity to wager on their favorite sport, league, team and players.

While the bookmakers are doing their best to provide you with the various markets, we will be doing our own part by providing you with accurate results. In fact; we will be providing you with information on “everything.” From the National Basketball Association, the Women’s National Basketball Association, to the NBA G League and the NBA 2K League, we have you covered. We will give you results of playoffs, live updates and many more. If a player does a slam, you will see it here. If a player is penalized or sent off, it will appear here.

US Online Casinos Winnings Results

US Gambling Results

Lottery and sports betting are not the only means of gambling. You can also make money from casinos. What is the difference between casinos and the other forms of betting already mentioned? The other forms of betting are based on the events of actions of other people while casinos give you the opportunity to bet on your own actions.

Online casinos are on the rise and it is important we also give the public information about the results of online casino winnings. We source for information from casino comparison sites and testimonies of the winners. Information like this is important to give online casinos’ more credibility. So far, we have been able to gather certain information.

Frank Moses won the sum of $932 playing an Opera powered slot gamePhil Murphy is a professional blackjack player. He did not have much luck at an online casino playing against other players. He was only able to win $140 extraMargaret Louis was not so lucky as she lost $270 while playing a poker game at an online casino.

These results are gathered from the various websites and published on our site. This will help the public understand and track the evolution of their favorite games. Many people are of the opinion that betting companies are out to take their money. Results such as the ones we provide will help uncover the truth.