Irish Lotteries and Gambling Results

Irish Lotto

Ireland has a vast selection of lotteries and gambling events. There are many websites that regularly update players about the daily draws of all lotteries. The Irish lottery and gambling results on all games can be found at a top lottery checking website like UKresults. Info. On this website, you can get various lotteries draws, football results, horse racing results, greyhound results, and casino results.

We will show vital information on lotteries in Ireland, soccer leagues, events, and all lottery results of all bets. We will also talk about several online casino winners and how they played from a casino chosen from an Irish comparison.

Irish Lottery Results

Mr.Logan Irish Lotto Winner

There is a plethora of various lotteries you can find in Ireland. At Uklotteryresults, we give daily, weekly, and monthly results of all Irish lotteries. To do so, we use a strategical method. As a matter of fact, we have access to a central computer system which shows the results of all lotteries in Ireland. This central computer system serves as a network where all reputable lotteries result checkers like us can retrieve real-time results quickly.

When we get these results, we will immediately publish them on our site, where you can gain access. Also, our staff is ably represented at the official national lottery commission where useful information on Irish lotteries is available. This gives us the chance to publish actual lottery results immediately after they are released. We also have access to live draws of all major lottery tournaments available in the country. If you click on the section live draw features on our website, you can view the draws directly using your internet-enabled devices.

There are many lotteries in Ireland, and they include: Play lotto, Euro millions, Daily millions, All or nothing, millionaire plus, Telly bingo, and scratch card games. Interested players can get a ticket for as low and €1 and high as €40 depending on the types of lottery you wish to play. All the lotteries mentioned are registered with the appropriate authorities; therefore, you are assured that all your winnings will be paid without hesitation.

Prizes to be won on these lotteries range from €50 to €30 m. Your winnings will depend on luck, the amount of stake, and rigorous forecast. However, most lottery players always strive to win the jackpot. Irish lotteries produce thousands of winners daily.

Football Results


Ireland has five cadres of football leagues where several teams compete against one another. The Irish football leagues include Ireland Premier League, Ireland first division, the under 19 leagues, the under 17 leagues, and the under 15 leagues.

Airtricity sponsors all Irish leagues. Some recent (October 16, 2020) Irish clubs will be shown below. Also note that some games were canceled or postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Irish Premier League Results

irish Premier League

Dundalk 0 vs. Bohemian FC 0

Cork City 0 vs. Waterford FC 0

Shelbourne 1 vs. Sligo River 0

Derry City 1 vs. Dundalk 2

Ireland first division Results

UCD 5 vs. Cabintely 1

Longford town 0 vs. Cobh 1

Shamrock Rovers ii three vs. Athlone town 1

Galway United FC 1 vs. Drogheda United 3

There will be more Irish football results that will be available when the government lifts the Covid-19 rules.

Horse Racing Results

Irish Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the most popular events in Ireland, as there are various events lined up for this sport. Four important horse racing events in Ireland attract punters from across the country. The first one is Ulster, subdivided into events like down royal, cock, down patriot, limerick, and ClonmelMunster is also a superior good horse race in Ireland, and its events include Tipperary, turtles, Tramore. Furthermore, you have Leinster, which events are Baytown, Dundalk, Curragh, Fairyhouse, and Wexford. Finally, the Connacht race also offers various entertaining events like Sligo, Roscommon, Galway, and Ballin robe.

Recent Irish horse racing results include the following:

October 18, 2020

Kemplin Newmarket event 13.0

1st Entwine 41

2nd urban purple 41

3rd Scoop 41

Kempine event 19.40

1st Dubar welcome 31

2nd Durell 138

3rd Zubar 91

Newcastle event 12.0

1st Ballyare 61

2nd Lord of the Glen 72

3rd slow 101

Kempton 20.10 event

Transcript 1st 172

Trinity girl 2nd 71

Torbellino 3rd 101

Greyhound Racing

Irish Greyhounds racing

Dogs are used to race in various Irish events and tournaments. The type of dogs used in these events is popularly called greyhounds. Irish greyhound competition includes champions stake, easter cup, Irish greyhound derby, grand national, juvenile derby, Shelbourne 699, st legas, oaks, and motlinden cup. They are usually good odds for bettors who can stake heavily on fast dogs.

Greyhound results in Ireland in recent times are displayed below.

Shelbourne Park event, October 19

Kilbride Maestro 1st

money point bunko 2nd

catunda Bruce 3rd

Raven sword 4th

News headlines 5th

Freedom editor 6th

Shelbourne, 699 results. October 19

Money point bunk 1st

Catunde Bruce 2nd

Diana crimson 3rd

Kilbride maestro 4th

Freedom editor 5th

Candle bright 6th

Irish Online Casinos Winnings Results

irish online casino

Many online casinos that operate in Ireland include leovegas, play àmọ, spin casino, jackpot city, twin, bet safe, and play casino. These casinos offer various games like roulette, blackjack, poker, keno, and slot games.

Last week, Mr. Jim won about €300,000 while playing online craps with just €20. Mrs. Betty also won €98,000 while playing the keno number game at a popular online casino website. Jack Reed from Limerick played bingo with €10 and won €112,527Kenny Anderson played baccarat and won €78,980. Last Thursday, Gin Thompson from Wexford also hit a jackpot of €1.2 m while playing his favorite blackjack live dealer game. Finally, with an RTP percentage at 97.5%, Vivian roots from Dundalk won cash on the slot machines about € 1.2m.

It’s safe to say that these winners won because they played at online Irish casinos chosen from online comparison sites. These websites give accurate and unbiased recommendations on all online casino websites.

We have talked about various lotteries, races, and betting results from multiple sports in Ireland. We also mentioned how numerous individuals won by choosing online casinos from reputable Irish online comparison websites. Bet wisely!