Canadian Lotteries and Gambling Results


As a young nation, the Canadian government obtained capital to run the country using a lottery. When its finances improved, it banned betting in 1892. That law was revised in 1969 to let the provinces and the federal government organize lotteries to finance specific community projects.

In 1970, Quebec and Manitoba began lottery games, and Loto Quebec was born to run lottery companies. Other provinces set up lotteries to obtain funds for their expenditures. The national lottery was first organized in 1974. This post brings you information on lotteries in Canada, different sports, their results, and winnings in the online casinos.

Canadian Lottery Results

Canada Lotto

The inter-provincial Lottery Corporation manages Canada’s national lottery consisting of Lotto6/49, Lotto Max and Daily Grand, while five regional operators manage the lottery in the ten provinces and three territories in Canada.

Agents of the national lottery organizers and the five regional operators have access to authentic results from these corporations’ websites for re-uploading on their sites. The latest Canadian Lottery draws usually come with breakdowns of Jackpot’s winning numbers, the number of winners per draw, and the amounts they won. Each lottery draws occur on different days of the week at a specific time.

The Lotto6/49

lotto 649
(image credit: Chris Kitching/CP24)

When you buy a ticket with CA$2, you could win jackpots starting from CA$4 to CA$25 million. To win, pick 6 numbers from 1 to 49, and they have to match the jackpot numbers. Results are released Saturdays and Wednesdays.

Lotto Max (Former Lotto Supper 7)

Adlin winner of Lotto MAx

To play, buy a ticket for CA$2 and choose 7 numbers. You have three chances to win if you pay an additional CA$1 per ticket. To win the Jackpot, match the 7 numbers. The result is released on Friday evenings.

Daily Grand

daily grand

You play this national lottery with CA$3. To win, you match the 7 numbers from 5 to 49 to get CA$7 million. Results are released Monday and Thursday evenings.

Other Lotteries

british columbia lottery corporation

British Columbia lottery corporation offers lotteries to 3 provinces like BC Extra and Pick 3 lottos. The draws are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. As for Ontario Lottery and Gambling Commission, theyoffer lotteries daily, such as Ontario 49, Winner Take All, and Instant Gift pack. Loto Quebec offers lotto games such as Banco, joker Quebec 49, La Quotidienne 4, whose draws hold daily.

Furthermore, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation provides lotteries for six regions like Alberta and Yukon Territory. The lotteries include Pick 3, PayDay, whose draws hold on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Atlantic lottery corporation provides lotteries in 4 regions like Nova Scotia and Edward Island. The lotteries are Atlantic Payday and Atlantic Tag.

NHL Results

NHL Canada

The National Hockey League is called (NHL) and it’s the association that regulates professional hockey in the US and Canada. It consists of about 24 teams in the US and 7 in Canada. The Canadian NHL teams include Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leaf’s, Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers, Winnipeg Jets, The Calgary Flames, and Montreal Canadiens.

Out of these teams, The Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple leaves are the best hockey teams today.

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The Results of the playoff from 19 to 28 September

Football clubversusFootball clubDate playedscore
Tampa Bay LightningDallas Stars2892 – 0
Dallas starsTampa Bay lightning2692 – 0
Tampa Bay LightningDallas Stars2590 – 1

Soccer Results

Canada Soccer Association

Soccer is famous all over the world, and Canada is not left out. Canada belongs to the CONCACAF federation meaning the North American Football union. Eight teams from five of the countries in ten regions play in the Premier League. The teams are Atletico Ottawa, Calvary Fc, FC Edmonton, Forge FC, HFX Wanderers, Pacific FC, York9 FC, and Valour FC.

The league operates between April and October yearly, and they play about 28 games to qualify for the Premier League finals. The winner gets a chance to compete against champions in the CONCACAF Cup.

The most successful team so far is the Forge FC, who have won two titles. You also have teams in the first and second division, including the women Premier League competing for championships.

Latest Soccer Results

Football clubversusFootball clubDate playedscore
CalvaryPacific1093 – 1
ForgePacific1292 – 0
CalvaryForge1590 – 1

Bingo Racing

bingo race

The game of bingo is believed to have originated from Italy, and they played it first in the 1500s and then in France in the late 1700s until it evolved into “Le Lotto.” Players believe that Bingo improves your ability to focus and increases short-term memory. But many players contend that the competition depends on how lucky the participant is.

The game is played in real-time, and the competitors watch the numbers shown one at a time in rapt attention. Bingo balls are drawn at random by the players, who tick the matched numbers on the cards they bought, containing random numbers in columns and rows in five by five templates.

The Bingo game is decided if a player gets a mixture of rare numbers like five in a row. At that point, the winner shouts “bingo” to signify that they have the deciding card to win the game and prize money.

Canadian Online Casino-Winning Results

online casino gaming

Gambling in Canada is illegal only if you gamble on a site where the federal or regional government did not license it. However, citizens can gamble in online casinos hosted outside the country, but they must not operate one inside Canada.

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Here are recent winnings from online casinos in Canada from different table and slots games of players who used the recommended comparison online websites and won big.

1. Adrian Barr CA$100, 000

2. Albert Fall CA$50, 000

3. Georgiana Wood CA$150, 000

4. Clement Raphael CA$200,000

This post is a compilation of lottery and gaming information you can use to start betting wisely in whichever domain you prefer. Bet wisely!